25 november 2018, 4pm-6pm

Today At apple: making memories into poetry with amanda chong

@ apple orchard

Sharing on my artistic practice as well as a hands-on confessional writing workshop. Participants will work on a collective poem based on memory, and write their own poem based on a photograph of their choosing. Free sign up with Apple ID.

23 november 2018, 6:30pm-9:15pm

women in art: be bold, be you

@ the mox

Panel discussion with TV presenter Anita Kapoor and burlesque Artist Sukki Singapora on championing women in the arts. Organised by Women in Art Singapore. Tickets here.

2-11 NOVEMBER 2018


@ THE ARTS HOUSE and national gallery

Featured speaker at the following:

  1. PANEL: Beauty is Power? (with Melba Escobar and Rachel Heng), 3 Nov, 11am - 12pm, National Gallery Singapore (Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium).

  2. PANEL: Can Poetry Save the World? (with Judith Beveridge and Alvin Pang), 4 Nov, 8:30pm - 9:30pm, The Arts House (The Chamber).

  3. PANEL: Shattering the Glass Ceiling (with Sarah Churchwell, Analiza Bakri and Anita Kapoor), 10 Nov, 8:30pm - 9:30pm, The Arts House (The Chamber).

  4. BOOK LAUNCH/READING: Call and Response: A Migrant/Local Anthology, 11 Nov, 2:30pm - 3:30 pm, The Arts House (POP Stage).

23 october 2018, 1pm-5:30pm

national young leaders day: influence is…

@ *SCAPE, ground theatre

Keynote speaker with social entrepreneur and educator Tong Yee, singer Isaac Ong and pro-boxer Nurshahidah Roslie. Organised by Halogen Foundation.

20 october 2018, 4:30pm-5:30pm

festival for good: Addressing Inequality Through Enterprise – How Can I Be Part of the Movement? 

@ foyer@auditorium, level 3, Marina One West Tower

A panel event featuring Wu Jiezhen (Executive Director of Hidden Good), Amanda Chong (Co-founder of ReadAble), Li Woon Churdboonchart (Founder, The Volunteer Switchboard), Leonard Lim (Institute of Policy Studies), and moderated by Alfie Othman (CEO, Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise). Sign up here.

29 august 2018, 7:30pm-8:45pm

nus arts festival - critical conversations: finding our voice

@ nus museum

A dialogue exploring the journey of Singapore writers across the generations to find our voice. Featuring Marc Nair, Amanda Chong and moderated by Phan Ming Yen. 


4 august 2018, 8:30pm-9:30pm

note for note: #invisibleink

@ the arts house

A dialogue of poetry and music with singer-songwriter Linying. With other poet and musician pairs: Cyril Wong x Chong Li Chuan, Marylyn Tan x Marla Bendini. Produced by Marc Nair. Tickets here.


23 july 2018, 1pm-1:30pm

jurong west secondary school read fest

Visiting Writer.


21 july 2018, 10AM-11am

national schools festival lecturE: representing gender in poetry

A discussion of how I have applied this theme in my own writing. 


14 july 2018, 10:30am-12:30pm

bridge the gap: A discussion on social inequality in singapore

@ *scape, the treetop

With featured speakers: Chan Lai Fung (Permanent Secretary for Education), Dr. Leong Chan Hoong, Sandra Davie (Journalist), Associate Professors Irene Ng and Ho Kong Weng, Alvin Tan (Head of Public Policy at Facebook), Ivy Tse (CEO, Halogen Foundation). 


23 june 2018, 10:30pm-1:30 am

late night poetry

@ The intermission bar, the Projector

Performing from 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm with Joshua Ip and Daryl Lim. 


31 may 2018, 7pm-11pm

straits clan opening party

Wrote typewriter poetry on demand, based on the dreams of members of Straits Clan and what they find beautiful. 


31 may 2018, 10am-1pm

workshop: "When We Dead Awaken", Gender Representations in Poetry

@ national university of Singapore

Poetry has long been a way of asserting one's identity and pushing back against entrenched stereotypes. This workshop surveys gender representations over history, culminating in a writing exercise related to participants' identities and experiences of gender. 


16 may 2018, 1pm

talk: your life's work

@ nan hua primary school

Talk on service to the community and the ReadAble literacy programme.


30 march 2018, 7pm-8pm

launch of "footnotes on falling" by joshua ip

@ sing lit station

Moderated the launch of Singapore Literature Prize-winning Young Artist of the Year Joshua Ip's third poetry collection. 


10 march 2018, 5pm-6pm

love letters to singapore, meet the writer session with cyril wong

@ singpost philatelic store, eunos

12 Singapore writers were commissioned to write love letters to different neighbourhoods in Singapore. Each letter was sent to 20,000 households in each neighbourhood. Read Amanda's love letter to Chinatown here. 


10 march 2018, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

eye/feel/write tour of the old supreme court

@ national gallery singapore

An ekphrastic tour of the National Gallery's Old Supreme Court Wing with several writers and a gallery curator, exploring the history and architecture of the building. 


9 march 2018, 7:30pm

if food be the love of words

@ orchard central

An immersive literary meal and poetry performance with Jennifer Anne Champion (Appetizer), Gwee Li Sui (Mains) and Amanda Chong (Dessert). The food and dining experience for each course is themed around each poet's work. Featuring singer-songwriter Ethel Yap. Organised by the Global Cultural Alliance. 


march 2018

fireside chat

@ hwa chong institution (junior college)

Careers talk for humanities programme students. 


15 January 2018, 2.45pm

Workshop: "A Woman's Voice"

@ CHIJ Katong Convent

A workshop with CHIJ Katong Convent students on gender representations in literature and the woman's voice in poetry through history. Organised by SingLitStation's BookAWriter programme.


3 december 2017, 4pm-6pm

migrant workers' poetry competition 2017

@ the national gallery singapore auditorium

Judge with playwright Haresh Sharma and Chinese language poet Zhou Decheng. Featuring migrant writers employed in Singapore as construction workers, domestic workers and sex workers from China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia. 


23 November 2017

gifted education branch annual conference 2017

Speaker, "Privilege without Pride: Lessons every gifted child should know". A teachers' conference organised by the Ministry of Education, Singapore 


3-12 NOVEMBER 2017


@ THE ARTS HOUSE and national gallery

Featured speaker at the following:

  1. READING: Times of Our Lives, 3 Nov, 8pm - 9.30pm, The Arts House (Gallery II).

  2. PANEL: A Brighter Tomorrow? Aram and What the Youth Want (a discussion on social justice in Singapore), 5 Nov, 4:30pm - 5:30pm, The Arts House (Blue Room).

  3. TOUR and READING: Eye/Feel/Write: Building Architectonics II (an ekphrastic tour of the Old Supreme Court), 11 Nov, 1:00pm - 3:00pm, National Gallery.


22-24 october 2017

asia-pacific writers and translators conference 2017

@ Ganesha University of Education, bali, indonesia

  1. PANEL: Poetry and Performance with Sholeh Wolpe, 23 Oct, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm, Ganesha University of Education.

  2. READING: Unfree Verse with Joshua Ip and Tse Hao Guang, 23 Oct, 7-8:30 pm, Sing Sing Villa

  3. PANEL: Singapore Voices with Daryl Lim Wei Jie, Tse Hao Guang, Daryl Qilin Yam, Joshua Ip (moderator), 23 Oct, 3pm - 4.15pm, Ganesha University of Education, Theatre Room


30 September 2017, 2pm-4pm

Book Prescription Day

@ K+ Curatorial space, scotts square (level 3)

In need of some literary therapy? With writers Cyril Wong, Tania De Rozario, Annaliza Bakri and Will Beale.  Organised by BooksActually.


27 September 2017, 7.30pm-9pm

sing it! singapore's all-star poetry reading

@ LASALLE College of the Arts (#F202)

Reading with Marc Nair, Cyril Wong, Chris Mooney Singh, Joshua Ip and Darryl Whetter. Organised by LASELLE College of the Arts' MA in Creative Writing programme.


5 july 2017, 2.30pm-5.30pm

family research network forum

@ Civil Service College

Speaker at the panel, "Marriage Beyond Borders - Challenges faced by transnational families in Singapore", with Professor Brenda Yeoh, Justin Paul and Eileen Su.


2 july 2017, 5pm-6pm

Launch: unfree verse

The Substation (gallerY)

Reader. Book launch with editors and contributors of literary anthology Unfree Verse


22 june 2017, 7.30pm-9pm

punchlines #1

@ Marine Parade Public Library (Level 2)

debate: "to be a good writer, one must have done bad things"

Debate on the topic, "To be a good writer, one must have done bad things", with writers Deborah Emmanuel, Daryl Qilin Yam and Marylyn Tan. Moderated by poet Aaron Lee. Organised by Ethos Books.


30 MAY 2017, 2.30pm-5.30pm

workshop: literary criticism

@ national university of Singapore

Programmed workshop at the 2017 Creative Arts Programme seminar. Organised by the Ministry of Education, Gifted Education Branch.


april 2017

knowing your rights: the law on consent and sexual offences

@ raffles girls' secondary school

A sex education assembly talk to 13 and 14 year old girls on consent, sexual grooming and sex offences. 


march 2017

poetry workshop 

@ cambridge international school

For students aged 11-15. Organised by Cambridge International School, United Kingdom.


23 January 2017

Singapore Perspectives Conference

@ institute of policy studies

Speaker at the panel, "What if Singapore fails to sustain itself as a vibrant, cosmopolitan 'global city'?" with Aaron Maniam and Jeremy Au. Organised by the Institute of Policy Studies.


15 January 2017, 5pm-6pm

design new standard

@ Gillman barracks (Block 7, level 1)

Featured author and reader at panel, "In Conversation with Ten Year Series", with Daryl Lim Wei Jie, Sarah and Schooling, Tse Hao Guang, David Wong Hsien Ming. Moderated by Daryl Qilin Yam. Organised for Singapore Art Week 2017.


15 January 2017, 6pm

launch: A Luxury We Must Afford

@ The Arts House (Chamber)

Book launch with editors and contributors of literary anthology A Luxury We Must Afford. In collaboration with #writersresist and in solidarity with US writers organising to focus public attention on the ideals of a free, just, and compassionate society.


4 december 2016, 7:30 pm

UN women screening of the film "girls of phnom penh"

@ hollandse club

Part of a panel discussing the sexual exploitation of women with Vanessa Ho from Project X (a community based organisation that empowers sex workers). 


19-20 november 2016

poetry workshops for migrant domestic workers 

@ Aidha

In collaboration with Sing Lit Station and migrant workers' charity Aidha.


4-13 November 2016

Singapore Writers Festival 2016

@ the Arts House

Featured speaker at the following:

  1. PANEL: Does Singapore Need A Poet Laureate? 8 Nov, 7pm - 8pm, The Arts House (Chamber).

  2. LAUNCH: Amanda Chong's Professions & Daryl Lim Wei Jie's A Book of Changes. 12 Nov, 8:30pm - 9:30pm, The Arts House (Living Room).

  3. READING: Emerging Singapore Voices II. 13 Nov, 2:30pm - 3:30pm, The Arts House (Gallery II).


16 october 2016

new works by the image symbol department

@ BooksActually

A presentation of forthcoming titles and new works with Samuel Lee, Daryl Lim Wei Jie, Jennifer Anne Champion and Daryl Qilin Yam. Organised by poetry collective Image-Symbol Department.


21 September 2016

Young Singaporeans (Un)Conference 2016

@ Institute of Policy Studies

Featured speaker, presenting a new way of understanding social change by conceiving of "marginalised groups" as agents making meaningful choices. Organised by the Institute of Policy Studies.


14 April 2016

Singapore Art Book Fair

@ ArtScience Museum (level 4)

Poetry reading by the Image-Symbol Department on opening night. Organised by the Singapore Art Book Fair.


19 March 2016

Open House 2016

@ The Arts House

Organiser and executor of "Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously", a linguistic / sensory experiment by the poetry collective Image-Symbol Department. Commissioned by The Arts House.


November 2015

Singapore Writer's Festival 2015

@ The Arts House

Featured author.


5 November 2015


@ ACS (Independent)

Presenter on the topic, "Gender Representations in Singapore Poetry", for International Baccalaureate students. Organised by ACS (Independent).


16 October 2015

Utopia Dystopia After-Party

@ Artizens

Poetry reading with Jennifer Anne Champion, Joshua Ip, and Teh Su Ching. Organised by Artizens.


august 2015

knowing your rights: the law on consent and sexual offences

@ raffles girls' secondary school

A sex education assembly talk to 13 and 14 year old girls on consent, sexual grooming and sex offences. 


10 July 2015

24-hour Bookstore reading

@ BooksActually

Reader. Organised by BooksActually.